Charlotte Marshall & Fraser John Lindsay perform their chilled-out blend of soulful singing and sweet blues guitar licks, with the wonderful Gordon Dickson providing a jazz flavour on saxophone.

If stripped back, chilled-out blues is what you’re after, then you need look no further than Glasgow based duo / trio Black Snake Roots; the perfect, stylish combination of guitar, bass, vocals and saxophone, boasts the crème de la crème of Glasgow musicians bringing to audiences their own brand of semi-acoustic soulful Blues-Jazz. Perfect for cafes, bars, restaurants and special events.

Having played together for over five years, Glasgow guitarist Fraser John Lindsay, Australian-born vocalist & bassist Charlotte Marshall, and saxophonist Gordon Dickson from Milngavie are individually and collectively well-known and respected on the Scottish roots scene. These three talented musicians deliver an exciting chilled-out blend of soulful blues music in their own harmoniously relaxed fashion, yet executed with musical finesse and impressive technique.

Black Snake Roots may tailor set-lists to suit a variety of situations. Together with their own unique interpretations of classic blues, their repertoire extends to cover many related genres such as jazz, rock n roll, country and soul.

Black Snake Roots are currently promoting their debut studio EP - CHILLED (2017); available now on CD from FRAZ RECORDS; Fraser’s brand new online store features archives of information, videos and photographs.