“Fraser John Lindsay is a refreshing voice in the world of guitar playing. Forged from the same ‘seat of your pants’ style of early Beck and Page, there’s never a dull moment when Fraser plays! Great sense of melody, adventurous with fine technique and a quirkiness that makes him stand out from the crowd. If you enjoy great guitar, give Fraser a listen!

(Jim Keilt - guitarist / singer, Statesboro’ Blues Band, Lonehead, The Halos)

“I've been playing with this young man on and off for around 18 years. He is one of the best guitarists in the country”

(Dennis Smalley - blues singer, King Buddha)

“I’ve known Fraser for many years and watched him develop from a good guitarist into a remarkable player. He has developed a very distinctive style which is highly original. I’m a fan”

(Alistair Fleming - singer / guitarist / writer, Statesboro’ Blues Band)

“Love this guy very much. An accomplished guitar player, has great technique and can play almost any style; always has a fab tone. Fraser loves blues and rock, big Rory Gallagher fan. He is always ready to help you out with music. Fraser has played in many bands over the years and loves a challenge! Check out his albums, you wont be disappointed.”  

(Allan Stewart - guitarist / song writer)

“Fraser J Lindsay is the best young blues guitar player in Scotland”

(Graham Forbes - author / guitarist / BBC Radio Scotland)

“After many a recommendation, I eventually got myself Fraser’s Melodic Mayhem album, and after a few listens I am thoroughly transfixed. This is a work of utter genius, and not only very clever, but very beautiful as well. As a musician, I marvel at the masterly and always tasteful guitar phrasing, and at the broad palette of sounds, always appropriate for the different atmospheres. As a producer, I am aghast at the energy, sustained focus and determination that a project like this must have required, not to mention the in-depth understanding of all aspect of music making necessary to come up with tracks like these.”  (Pete Parisetti - guitarist / producer, Groove Planet)

“I first met Fraser when, as a 17 year old, he would travel from Elderslie, on the outskirts of Paisley, to the State Bar in Glasgow for the Tuesday night blues jam. Fraser has always been part of my performing life since those early days and we have played in bands together countless times. Over the years Fraser’s Blues Incentive have performed some amazing gigs and his style of playing has proven to be unique, passionate, thoughtful, clever and simple; He is in my opinion one of Glasgow's, if not Scotland's, finest.”

(Kenny Robertson - drummer,

Statesboro' Blues Band, King Buddah, Fraser John Lindsay’s  Blues Incentive)

“Fraser plays things you haven’t heard before. In a good way.”

(Tim Clarke - bass guitarist, Statesboro' Blues Band, Tricky Fingers,

Charlotte Marshall & The 45s et al.)

“Incredible player. Easily one of the best.”

(Allan Lindsay - Actor / Music Fan, Paisley